Neil Cox - "French Trapper" - #171/04

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Made out of Bass wood this amazing piece stands 6' tall and 42" wide with a depth of 36" 

Toronto woodcarver Neil Cox has spent "over half a year" immortalizing the French explorer and trapper La Forest, a lieutenant of LaSalle during the latter's late-1600s expedition that follwed the Mississippi River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. The statue began as a block of wood that weighed "between 800 and 900 pounds" and still weighs in at "pretty close to 500 pounds," according to the artist. The work was commissioned by Peter Engler, who has several of Cox's other pieces on display at Peter Engler Designs.

Neil Cox was born in Ingersol, Ontario, Canada. His primary interest is in figurative sculpture. He prefers to work in wood or stone but he also enjoys working in a number of other media, including bronze, sand, snow, ice, clay, and even butter! His training has included work with a number of experienced artists here and abroad.

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