Greg Wilkerson, "Indian" 2/17

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Hand carved Indian by Greg Wilkerson. 26" x 6 1/2"

About the artist: 

Greg started woodcarving around thirty years old. A simple thought for something fun to do every now and then developed into a love and passion for carving. Greg has since grown to realize how wrong he was, thinking carving would only be a time passing hobby.

From the very beginning Greg felt he was almost obsessed with carving. He loved everything about it; the ability to make unique shapes from a simple block of wood, the way everything in life disappeared when he would start carving, the way the tool felt as he first started slicing through the wood. Wood carving is a constant learning experience, learning more each day, striving to make each carving better than the last. Greg’s attempt at a fun hobby kept him busy in learning more each day with a passion that kept him constantly striving for more carving time.

Greg discovered Engler Block where he was able to ‘sit in’ with other carvers to learn more and spend his days carving. Greg then became the resident woodcarver for the next few years before striking out on his own as a self-employed woodcarver.

Greg’s career as a professional woodcarver has provided many opportunities over the years. Greg has been honored to have taught at some of the biggest woodcarving seminars, such as the Silver Dollar City Seminars, the Woodcarving Rendezvous, and the War Eagle Seminars. Greg has had his work displayed and sold at many shops and galleries throughout the United States. Greg has written articles and served as moderator on the panel of advisors for Carving Magazine by All American Crafts.

Greg attempted to semi-retire from full time woodcarving and teaching to re-explore some of the artistic and creative ideas he didn’t have time for due to the business side of self-employment. During this time Greg produced several “how to” CDs. His big retirement plans couldn’t break him away from his passion for carving.

Now that Greg has realized woodcarving has him hooked he is back to carving full time. Greg continues to offer carving classes, making guest appearances at Peter Engler Designs, and still enjoying it as much as the day he started. Greg is continually inspired to new heights and rededication to his art.

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