James Grimm bowl 292/08

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James Grimm bowl 2.5" x 5"

A letter from the artist:

“I’ve always been able to see the beauty I the things God created; flowers, hills, rocks, a crooked stick, water, etc. It’s everywhere for all of us to see – But there is so much that we can’s see”.

Being a detailed woodworker and retired stair builder, I get to see things in wood that most folks don’t get to.

As a woodturner; I’m able to unlock and unveil some of the most beautiful hidden secrets that God created. As a bowl turner, I’m able to share that beauty with the rest of the world.

That ole pile of firewood out back didn’t look like any masterpiece, with its splintered, rotting, ant eaten, mossy wood. But when I put that ole’ piece of wood in my lathe and start cutting into it and chasing the ants out of it, something happens. Slowly, as I’m cutting, sanding, varnishing, and polishing, what was once hidden, grains and beautiful color begin to radiate from the ole’ chunk of wood. It’s as if God is saying to me “there is beauty hidden in that piece, see if you can find it.”

As the new owner of your bowl, I hope that you can see beyond the bowl itself and imagine the log it came from, the tree it once was a part of and maybe even the Creator that brought it into existence.

May God bless you.

James Grimm

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