Steve Schumacher "Black Throated Blue Wambler" - #294/04

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Black Throated Blue Wambler by Steve Schumacher stand approximately 17" tall. 

Steve Schumacher has been creating a wide variety of carvings since 1989. His carvings include songbirds, water fowl, birds of prey, Native Americans, ‘Old World’ Santa’s, caricatures, and custom pieces. A variety of techniques are used including power carving, hand carving, both brush and air brush painting, using wood stains and acrylics.

Many hours of research preceded the designing of each creation. Each piece is characterized by its realistic, lifelike expression in every detail. The piece you have chosen will become a welcome addition to your art collection.

Awards include several Best of Shows in numerous competitions. Steve has served as a ‘songbird’ instructor in many seminars and workshops throughout the Midwest, most notably Doane College, Crete, NE and Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas. He has judged Midwest woodcarving competitions and continues to support the craft through demonstration carving at local and regional events. 

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