Don Effinger - "MOM - HELP! 376/08

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"MOM - HELP! - Artist: Don Effinger - Bronze - Height 9" Width: 8" Depth: 4"

Don Effinger began wood carving after a successful career as an exploration geologist. He worked for mining and oil companies throughout the world; spending most of his time in forest and jungle environments. After retiring he became a seasonal ranger in Colorado‚Äôs Rocky Mountain National Park. He has always worked outdoors where he has developed an understanding and appreciation of animals and nature. He was a dog breeder, exhibitor and an AKC dog show judge, which gives him an exceptional understanding of animal conformation. 

Although he has had no formal art training, he received instruction from Jack Bayman of Palmer Lake, Colorado and more recently, Janet Denton Cordell of Fayetteville, Arkansas. He has entered competitions throughout the country where he has won numerous awards and Best of Show awards. He has exhibited in the Loveland Invitational Sculpture Show in Colorado, which is the largest outdoor sculpture show in the world. Of the 359 sculptors invited to participate, only about 10 are wood sculptors.

In order to further develop and expand his art, he has taken silversmithing courses to create jewelry and make his own smaller castings. He currently works in both clay and wood mediums. Some of his carvings have been reproduced as bronzes.

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