Bruce MenNe', "Sharp" 392/06

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Solo - A surrealistic wood carving featuring a single violin on a black poplar base. Violin - Made from a two-inch-thick selection of mahogany, the violin stands at a sloping angle on a rounded down base. Solo is a surreal violin that turns and twists. The Ebony wood pegs and Maple bridge are real violin parts, acquired from International Violin. The finger board and tail piece are made of black poplar. The are work style is surrealistic. It has smooth curves which simulates graceful movement and charming elegant beauty. Strings - The Strings are made of a unique stainless steel, utilized in the aerospace industry, which has a mixed Ferritic and Austenitic structure. As a result, the alloy has high srength and excellent oxidation resistance properties. 

About the Artist:     Just Fiddling Around; Surrealistic Art by Bruce M. MenNe’

Bruce was born in Manchester, Tennessee in 1954; he is retired and lives with his wife Debbie and their daughter on Fleming Island, just south of Jacksonville Florida. Bruce has been working with wood and carving all of his life, but only when time allowed. Raising his family was first priority and took precedence over his art. He worked 38 years in the aerospace industry as an aircraft mechanic and aircraft inspector, ending his career in Quality Management. Doing the job right is a must when working on aircrafts. Bruce applies that attitude in everything he does, including his woodcarvings. Now retired, Bruce has more time to devote to his art. He started carving surrealistic violins years ago and truly loves the violin instrument. He prefers not to have straight lines or right angles in his art. Therefore, his choice of art style is surrealism and he is very passionate about surrealistic carving techniques. His creativeness and insight can turn an ordinary chunk of wood into a beautifully flowing Instrument, exhibiting stylish curves and movement within a graceful, elegant stature. When asked, why violins? He merely says “Just Fiddling Around”.

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