JusKim "Elm Burl" - #524/11

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Elm Burl by JusKim stands approximately 8" tall. 

Turnings by JusKim

When I first approach a newly cut “blank” and set it between centers on the lathe I feel both excitement and fear. Excitement in wondering what kind of marvelous form is waiting to emerge from the blank canvas’ fear that I will ruin it before I can unearth what it wants to become.

I feel that we are blessed to be able to produce art with “green” properties by using on of Mother Nature’s most renewable resources – the local timber of our beautiful Ozarks hills. Because of the natural properties of burl wood, just like snowflakes, no two will ever be identical. I can take no credit for the natural beauty of the wood; I simply expose what was hiding there all along.

I believe that my finished turnings rather than my works, will reveal my passion for this art form. I hope you enjoy touching them and holding them as much as I have enjoyed my part of their creation!

Kim Kenney

a.k.a. JustKim

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