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"The Conversation" hand carved by Stone Akin 12" x 19"

About the artist: 

Stone Akin is considered to be the local Indian Historian of Shell Knob, Missouri. Stone has many talents and continues his work as an artist, author, and lecturer. Stone enjoys learning, teaching, and promoting others to investigate their own history to “reach out and find out who you are” for personal growth and a more complete life. Stone’s “American Indian Descendants Right of Heritage Organization” claims that over 30% of Missouri’s population is of Native American descent, that would equate to 1.6 million people.

Stone considers his work to be an evolution of objects provided by Mother Earth. Driftwood, fallen antlers, gourds, animal hides, and paints which he derives from flowers, berries, and roots. Stone allows these objects to speak to him resulting in an intricate weaving of a creation that he calls “Natures Sculptures.” Stones art becomes a means of venturing into the vestiges of his sacred past.

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