H-2006 Nativity Santa - "Baby Jesus" 1/90

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Limited Edition - Numbered & Signed - *Height: 5" *Width: 4" Written by Peter Engler: There are many elements to the Christmas story. A bright star, angels, wisemen, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Shepherds, sheep and a manger. Put together they make a rich and interesting story. One that appeals to all ages. But, perhaps we should stop and focus on the central figure of the story, Jesus, and his message that changed the course of human history. He has had an effect on your life and community, If you want to think about it further - you might be affected further.

Artist: Born September 7, 1932 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Peter Engler began discovering his artistic gifts of drawing and carving at the age of 10. Peter joined the Marine Corps in 1951 and amongst the rigorous routines of the Korean War, Pete would use the little down time he had, pull out his pocketknife, and carve one of his whimsical little people. In 1962, he and his wife Virginia moved to Branson, Missouri from his mother’s art and gift shop in Lakeview, Arkansas and established Mountain Woodcarvers Shop at Silver Dollar City. Pete began to build the foundations needed for the arts and crafts in the budding community of Branson, MO. Since the 1960’s, Pete has owned and operated woodcarving shops of his own in Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He purchased a warehouse that he re-designed and established as Engler Block. He also co-founded the National Festival of Craftsman and originated Silver Dollar City’s Fall Arts and Crafts Festival, which has been an annual event since 1961. He is now devoting his time to carving his beloved Santas.

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